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The Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts (ARFWM) is a community-based, all-volunteer organization dedicated to overcoming barriers to abortion access. Every person has a human right to make their own decisions about when, whether, and how to create family. But a right is not a right if you can't afford it.

To realize the human right to abortion health care, ARFWM provides financial assistance to people seeking abortions who cannot afford them. Our primary commitment is to the communities of the four counties of Western Massachusetts, although we support people across the state and the country when funds are available.

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By Phone or Text (for Abortion Assistance Only):
Call or text us at 413-582-3532. Calls and texts are confidential and we return messages within 24 hours.

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By Mail:
Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts
PO Box 2162
Amherst, MA 01004-2162