ARFWM provides direct financial assistance to women and girls seeking abortions who cannot afford them. Our primary commitment is to women and girls in the four counties of Western Massachusetts.

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We provide financial assistance to women and girls who are seeking abortions. While we don't provide abortion care, we are here to help you pay for your abortion if you cannot afford it.

Call us at 413-582-3532. Your call is confidential, and we will return your call within 24 hours. To learn more about how this works, please visit our Get Help page.

If you are looking for medical help in Western Massachusetts, here is a list of clinics.

Please contact us; We are here to help!


Every woman and girl should be able to have only the children she wants to have. The Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts funds choices that make this vision a reality.



In 2011, the Massachusetts Abortion Funds published an extensive evaluation on the experiences of women seeking insurance for abortion care in the state.

Read the report on abortion care in Massachusetts